Cosmetic Dentistry Could Be the Answer

If your broken crown or chipped tooth is the reason you have been skipping the festivities it’s time to schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry with a dentist in Grants Pass.

Dr. Matthew Hill is passionate about smiles and wants you to be healthy AND happy regardless of the season.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Healthy

Broken dental restorations set the stage for all kinds of issues that have nothing to do with how you look in the mirror.

According to research there is a connection between chipped, cracked, broken and decayed tooth. That along with the research that is being done with gum disease should be enough for you to schedule a thorough examination with your dentist in Grants Pass.

A Broken Smile isn’t Forever

Dr. Hill is a dentist in Grants Pass who is continually adding new cosmetic dentistry services to his menu.

The reason is your health and well-being and his thirst for all things dental. As you can imagine dental technology is changing rapidly.

Having a dentist who is always on the hunt for tried and tested new technology is your best defense when it comes to a healthy and beautiful smile.

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry prevent problems in the future because your teeth are straight and free from decay, while your gums are free from disease.

Grants Pass Cosmetic Dentistry

When you and Dr. Hill sit down the two of your will discuss both your overall and oral health. The connection between the two is too important to ignore.

When your Grants Pass dentist deciphers what is going on with your mouth you are well on your way to a happy and healthy life free from decay and disease.

Research shows gum disease to be the culprit when it comes to the link between periodontitis and systemic disease. For most who have COPD, stroke, heart disease and Alzheimer’s periodontal disease is part of the picture.

This is just one of the reasons a straight and healthy smile is imperative. Crooked, cracked and uneven teeth are very difficult to take care of. Even a hygienist spends more time cleaning if the patient has a broken smile.

Straight Smiles and Healthy Checkups

When your teeth are restored with cosmetic dentistry you will most likely live a healthier life as long as you practice good habits.

Good habits mean brushing twice, flossing once a day and eating a good diet. Good habits also mean regular dental checkups and professional cleanings.

Start showing off your smile again and schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation today.