Cosmetic Dentistry Could Be the Answer

If your broken crown or chipped tooth is the reason you have been skipping the festivities it’s time to schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry with a dentist in Grants Pass. Dr. Matthew Hill is passionate about smiles and wants you to be healthy AND happy regardless of the season. Cosmetic Dentistry is Healthy Broken […]


Cosmetic Dentistry with the Best Technology

Hill Dentistry is an amazing cosmetic dentistry practice that has all of the technology and dental care knowledge you need if you are in search of a complete smile makeover. Best of all, your new smile will take less time because Dr. Matthew Hill is passionate about offering patients the best of the best. A […]


DIY Cosmetic Dentistry Not a Good Idea

If you have been tempted by those DIY cosmetic dentistry posts on your social media pages just scroll on by. If you don’t you could be putting you and your teeth and gums at risk. Cosmetic dentistry procedures should always be monitored by a dentist including removable braces. Straightening your teeth without a dentist’s prescription […]