Known as bruxism, teeth grinding is excessive grinding of teeth. Some also clench the jaw as well. Bruxism usually happens during sleep. If you wake up with tension headaches, facial pain or jaw pain, you may be suffering from the disorder. Some people aren’t even aware they are grinding or clenching their teeth until after a visit with a Grants Pass dentist. 

People hold a lot of stress and tension in their jaw. This is one reason for clenching and grinding. On the other hand people who have over and under bites or problems with the temporomandibular joint may also suffer from bruxism. Whatever the reason clenching and grinding wear down the surface of the enamel on the teeth and cause problems for dental restrations as well.


Hill Dentistry offers patients an effective solution for bruxism. This non invasive solution, referred to as oral appliance therapy uses custom made mouthguards and/or oral splints that help keep the jaw in position preventing clenching and grinding.

It’s imperative that you wear you oral appliance or orthotic device. Not keeping up with your treatment will impede your results.

With that being said there are some things you can do to help reduce bruxism symptoms.

  • Reduce tension and stress. Taking a warm bath before bed, relaxing to soothing music, or even exercise helps relieve anxiety and just could reduce bruxism symptoms. 

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. For some patients, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol increases teeth-grinding and clenching tendencies.

  • Relax your jaw muscles. Do your best to keep your jaw relaxed. In addition, a warm washcloth against your cheek, sticking your tongue between your teeth, and avoiding chewing pencils, pens, and gum are help train the muscles to relax

Some people have no idea they clench and grind until something happens. Dr. Hill can’t stress the importance of knowing the symptoms and seeking dental care as needed.

If you suspect that bruxism is the cause for your jaw pain or headaches, please contact our office and schedule an appointment.

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