No Missed Visits with Sedation Dentistry

If you are someone who dreads going to the dentist, you are not alone. Dental anxiety is a common condition that affects millions of people all over the globe. Hill Dentistry is dedicated to providing sedation dentistry for anxious patients like you.

A Dentist in Grants Pass You Can Trust

Dr. Matthew Hill is a highly trained dentist with years of experience in providing comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages.

This local dentist in Grants Pass believes that everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile and is committed to helping patients get there.

Sedation Dentistry A Dental Anxiety Solution

Dr. Hill and his team understand that you may feel anxious or fearful when visiting the dentist. This can make it difficult to receive the dental care needed. Consequently this leads to more serious oral health problems down the road.

To help patients feel more comfortable Hill Dentistry in Grants Pass offer various forms of sedation dentistry, including mild sedation (anxiolysis), nitrous oxide, and oral sedation.

Mild Sedation (Anxiolysis)

Mild sedation dentistry, also known as anxiolysis, involves taking a mild sedative before your appointment to help you relax.

This is an excellent option for patients who experience mild to moderate anxiety during dental visits. With anxiolysis, you will remain awake and alert throughout the procedure, but you will feel more comfortable and at ease.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a safe and effective form of sedation dentistry that can help you feel relaxed and calm during your appointment.

This type of sedation involves inhaling a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a mask placed over your nose. Nitrous oxide is fast-acting and wears off quickly, so you can return to your normal activities immediately following your appointment.

Oral Sedation

For patients with more severe dental anxiety, oral sedation may be the best option. This involves taking a prescription sedative pill before your appointment. This will make you feel drowsy and relaxed.

With oral sedation, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment, as the effects of the medication can last for several hours.

Experience Comfortable Dental Care at Hill Dentistry

Whether you need a routine cleaning or a more complex procedure you will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your appointment dental sedation.

Don’t let that cavity get worse. Schedule an appointment for sedation dentistry in Grants Pass today.