CEREC® Crowns in One Dental Visit

If you haven’t been proud of your smile for some time cosmetic dentistry could be the answer. What’s even more promising is that your new smile may only take a single dental appointment with CEREC® crowns.

That’s right when you become a patient of Hill Dentistry you can have a new dental crown in a single day. A new dental crown with remarkable CEREC® one day dental crowns.

CEREC® Dental Crowns

What used to take two or sometimes three dental appointments is now completed in one dental appointment in Grants Pass.

Using the first same day dental crown of its kind, Dr. Matthew Hill can measure and place a new restoration in one visit.

What’s even more amazing is that you don’t have to leave the office because your new dental crown is created onsite. Using the in house milling machine the team from this dentist’s office in Grants Pass will have your new crown ready before you know it.

CEREC® is a remarkable system that eliminates off site work. This type of dental crown also eliminates the need for uncomfortable impressions.

If you have ever been fitted for a dental crown you know those dental molds can almost, and sometimes do make you gag.

Remarkable One Day Crowns

With CEREC® you won’t have to gag or wear a temporary crown. In addition nearly every patient is a good fit for this type of dental crown.

This crown is strong and sturdy and looks as natural as a real tooth. In fact, no one will know unless you tell them, no one except for you and Hill Dentistry of course.

Another advantage to this one day procedure is that it will last as long, if not longer than traditional dental crowns.

Traditional metal and metal to porcelain crowns can expand and contract. When that happens the crown won’t be as secure as it used to be. In fact, it could become so loose that it falls out completely.

With CEREC® and good dental hygiene your dental crown will last for 7 to ten years or more. That isn’t always the case with traditional dental crowns.

A New Smile in a Day

It is possible to have a brand new smile in a day when you become a patient of Hill Dentistry in Grants Pass. All you have to do is send a direct message and schedule an appointment.

For more information regarding one day dental crowns with CEREC® in Grants Pass call and have a chat with a team member from Hill dentistry today.