Dental Implants are You a Good Fit?

If you have been told you need dental implants, schedule an appointment with Hill Dentistry. This implant dentist in Grants Pass has the experience and knowledge to replace one or multiple teeth with dental implants.

Implants Are Nothing New

Dental implants have been around for hundreds of years. However, they have changed quite a bit since that time.

Back in the day ancient civilizations would use animal teeth, seashells and wood to replace missing teeth. Some ancient civilizations even used other people’s teeth. Thankfully those days are changed with millions of people thrilled with the results.

Dental implants are surgically implanted into or on your bone. Before the artificial teeth are placed on top of the titanium screws the area or areas will need to heal.

Healing can take a few weeks or a few months. According to Dr. Matthew Hill it really depends on the implant.

For example, some people may need additional surgeries such as bone grafting. If bone grafting or any type of other surgery is required it will take longer to heal.

Are Dental Implants for Everyone?

Dental implants have about a 95 to 96 percent chance of staying put and while nearly everyone with a healthy mouth is a good candidate for this type of tooth replacement there are some exceptions.

People who smoke or drink excessively are in the high risk category for dental implant failure.

In addition, those with certain types of systemic diseases and diabetes may not be good candidates either. Moreover, people who practice poor oral hygiene may want to consider another type of tooth replacement.

While dental implants have artificial dental crowns your gums are real and need to be taken care of just like your real teeth.

If you don’t look after your implant posts and floss like you used to you may have to deal with gum disease. Sadly, that may have been the reason that you lost your teeth in the first place.

A Dental Implant Consultation

Dental implants are truly remarkable but the only way you will know if they are right for you is to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Hill and his team will be able to determine if this tooth replacement is your best option. If not, dental bridges, partial or full dentures may be the way to go.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Hill Dentistry today.