Dental Restorations and TMJD

If you go through dental restorations faster than others do it probably has something to do with your bite.

According to Hill Dentistry, your bite and your temporomandibular joints have a lot to do with how your teeth and the way your dental restorations wear.

If you suffer from a temporomandibular joint disorder or have a cross, under or overbite your teeth are most likely paying the price.

Your Joints and Bite

For cosmetic dentistry solutions to stand the test of time your bite needs to be in the right place as do your jaw joints. If either is out of alignment grinding and clenching is something that is hard to avoid.

Called bruxism, Dr. Matthew Hill explains that grinding leads to tooth wear. If left untreated it will eventually wear your teeth down so much they will be even with each other. That is the last thing you want.

Thankfully you don’t have to deal with jaw joints that are out of alignment. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with a cross or over bite either.

Help for TMJD and Bad Bites

One of the first things your dentist in Grants Pass will do is recommend treatment for your temporomandibular joint disorder. If you have a bite problem you will have a chat about that as well.

For some a custom made mouth guard may work wonders. For others, a mouth splint or other type of oral appliance is usually suggested.

It really comes down to the examination as Dr. Hill and his team check out your entire chewing system, not just your teeth and gums.

Your Grants Pass family dentist does this to make sure that a bad bite or jaw joint issue isn’t affecting the way your teeth come together. This is vital for natural teeth and of course dental restorations.

Don’t Delay Treatment

Your Grants Pass dentist can’t stress the importance of scheduling an appointment as quickly as possible, especially if you are experiencing any of the following;

  • Jaw tenderness and/or pain
  • TMJ pain in one or both joints
  • Dull ache around or in ears
  • Pain or difficulty chewing
  • Facial aches and pains
  • Unusual dental restorations wear
  • Jaw locking and popping
  • Problems opening and closing mouth

Any of the above issues indicate an appointment with your dentist in Grants Pass. A thorough checkup of your chewing system will tell Dr. Hill if your joints and bite are healthy or not.

Schedule a Checkup in Grants Pass

If you want to find out why your dental restorations aren’t standing the test of time or if you have TMJD symptoms, send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Hill Dentistry today.