CEREC® is Ready when You Are

If time is what has been keeping you out of the dentist’s chair consider one day dentistry. CEREC® in Grants Pass is phenomenal and a real time saver.

Even the busiest people on the planet have time for one day dentistry. Everyone has time because they are in and out of the dentist’s office in a couple of hours.

You Can’t Go Wrong with CEREC®

Using CAD/CAM dentistry Dr. Matthew Hill has changed the way restorations are placed. This saves you one of life’s precious commodities, time.

When you agree to CEREC® you will also save money because only one appointment is necessary from start to finish.

In the past you needed at least two, sometimes three visits with your Grants Pass Dentist, but not anymore thanks to one day dentistry.

Hills Dentistry uses CEREC® for one day restorations. He uses it because it is the oldest and most well established systems available. Furthermore it eliminates the need for uncomfortable impressions and temporaries.

How CEREC® Works

Because CEREC® uses a biocompatible dental resin there will be no metal line. Moreover, one day crowns are just as sturdy as the porcelain variety and far more heavy duty than resin.

Because everything is done in house using minimally invasive techniques, including the milling, you will have a brand new beautiful crown in one dental visit with Hill Dentistry.

The Magic of One Day Dentistry

If you and Dr. Hill determine you and one day dentistry are the perfect match the team will use CAD/CAM to photograph your tooth or teeth.

Those images are sent to the computer where the CEREC® software goes to work designing a custom made dental crown that is color matched to the rest of your smile.

When Dr. Hill is happy with what he sees the images go to the milling machine where your new crown is made from a block of special dental materials.

The milling takes about 45 minutes during which time you are free to watch videos on your phone or enjoy the entertainment in your dentist’s chair while you wait for your custom made dental crown.

When your new CEREC® crown is ready it is checked for color, comfort and fit before it is bonded into place. Your new crown will feel like a natural tooth and look like one too.

CEREC® in Grants Pass

If time is keeping you out of the dentist’s office in Grants Pass schedule a CEREC® consultation. You won’t believe the difference it will make.

Schedule an appointment with Hill Dentistry today.